Chapter Three – A Clarification of Terms

Image: Benjamin Williamson Photography

The Alliance: 

The bond between soul groups to create a common mission that will produce individualized and collective growth.


  1. A job description for a soul, given at birth and lasting for all of eternity. 
  2. Souls that do not take on material form. 
  3. Souls that live in service to love and have no other point of focus.

Angel Like: 

A disembodied soul that has rejoined his community in the light.

Angel (Human): 

A mature soul who lives for service to others and to God.


  1. To assume identity as soul. 
  2. To apply spiritual principles in form. 
  3. To see love where the eyes of the body do not.


  1. To extend the gifts of spirit, perfect joy, perfect health, and perfect abundance. 
  2. To ask the God within to accept love from without.


  1. All souls, the combination of all types of souls, along with their source. 
  2. A community of cocoons. 
  3. All of creation. 
  4. All of a type of creation.


The celebratory conversation between the created aspects of creation, both with one another and with their source.


All things made from love that are not temporary in nature, but eternal.

Crystal Vision: 

To see clearly, to understand the truth in any event or situation.


 Something misunderstood.


Levels that demonstrate an amount of love and how much it is able to express. The higher the dimension, the lower the resistance. The lower the dimension, the higher the resistance.

Third Dimension: 

Height, weight, and length, occupying space and under the law of gravity.

Fourth Dimension: 

Awareness of unseen entities and dimensions.

Fifth Dimension: 

The embodiment of the divine in form.

Sixth to Ninth Dimensions: 

Degrees of loss of self, usually not seen in the third dimension.


  1. Dis-ease. 
  2. Form of rejected feelings. 
  3. Blame of self.


Either a soul seedling, developing soul or mature soul that is free of the restraints of caring for a body, free of ego and free of any and all social demands.

Divine Self: 

  1. A ‘person’s’ identity in truth 
  2. Soul, aspect of God. 
  3. All powerful, connected to all other aspects of God.


Natural operating system of the human form, which cannot exist without it. It is eventually superseded by a divine, mature soul, which assumes control of the human body.


Either a cocoon like form for an embryonic seed or a functioning reflection of a mature soul that activates it.


  1. Dormant, potential, or active. 
  2. This is how divine source expresses.


  1. A soul’s stamp of individuality. There are no two that are alike.
  2. An individualized quality of soul.


Thoughts and actions that stem from a misunderstanding of self and of love. These affect the third dimension only and can only exert power over those susceptible to them.

False Self: 

  1. Personhood. 
  2. The identity of the ego: likes, dislikes, bad experiences, unwanted experiences, good experiences (all from the nonexistent past) and hopes and desires from the future that have not been created yet.


  1. Resistance to love 
  2. Love’s challenge to acknowledge, shine light on and persevere over, in partnership.
  3. Misinterpretation of love. 
  4. Rejection of love. 
  5. Clouds that obscure love. 
  6. An unreal reaction. 
  7. Concern for things that in and of themselves are unreal. 
  8. Focus on control.


Form can be at the cellular level or at a complex level. A soul, whether it be singular or collective, gives it life. A dead form has dormant energy or potential energy. Forms change but don’t truly die, as everything has potential energy for another form to consume.


True freedom is to follow your own heart, your own soul, at all times, without regard to how this might be viewed by the uninitiated.

Free Spirit: 

Mature souls are free spirits. They are free to give love where they see fit, knowing that God is touching other aspects of God.


  1. Life in form. 
  2. Joy, health, and abundance.


God is a collective of souls, along with a core intelligence that created them.


The manifestation of presence.


The ego’s attempt to artificially produce grandeur.


A level of soul development that forms an organizational structure. Souls move up in the hierarchy as they mature. The final stop in the hierarchy is Source. All souls begin and will return to Source one day.

Holy Instant: 

Once a pinprick of light, it grows to be an all-consuming way of life.


  1. To see events or situations without the presence of God.  
  2. To believe that a small identity in form is the totality of identity. 
  3. To believe that God is somewhere that isn’t here.
  4. Not seeing something from the perspective of wholeness. 
  5. Only seeing part of something, namely a negative element.


A sixth sense of knowing. A certainty that does not require supportive evidence.


  1. Synonym for love. 
  2. A type of energy.


Care and consideration for all of God’s creations, unconditionally. 


  1. Human thinking. 
  2. Wonderous Events.


All true power is infused with love. Anything that isn’t, is not true power and is illusionary.


  1. Oneness with God. 
  2. Oneness with the all of everything. 
  3. Alignment of soul with source (love). 


  1. As seen from the perspective of love.  
  2. Seeing potential manifestation of love.


Divisions between dimensions.


Willingly accept without question.


Fear of love.


Written, spoken or visual representation of divine truth.

Role Playing: 

To play a part that you were born into or that you assigned to yourself. Role playing is always done from a place of ego, which always seeks to gain something from the roles it plays.


  1. To hold one another in such high esteem as to entirely focus attention on anything physical or spiritual that they may need, either in the short term or the long term. 
  2. To elevate the idea of another aspect of God from being ‘other than’ to being ‘the same as’.

Sixth Sense: 

Awareness of the unseen realm.


A soul is a specially designed form of God that starts in seed form. There are no two that are alike. There are both individual souls and group souls. Souls grow through both positive (love) and negative (fear) experiences while in form. Souls are immortal and can be either dormant or in a growth stage.

Soul Groups: 

Soul groups tend to stay together in and out of form. Groups usually wait until each one has returned from their mission, before embarking on another one.


The knowledge about what form is, what it is for, what its purpose is and what lives inside it (God).


The ability to see to the root of any situation or encounter and find the love that fear obscures.


Lack of expression of love.


How one sees the entirety of the world, whether from a place of separation to a place of purpose, potential and wholeness.