Chapter One – The Principles

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January 1, 2021 3:45 pm


It is I, the one known as Jesus. We are ready for the next phase of our transformative project, known as A Journey into the Unknown. This is Chapter One/The Principles. Let us begin.

Principle 1: Love Conquers All

Love is the building block of all of creation. Love created everything, even the temporary. Love is the foundation and substance of every form on every world scape. Love knows no boundaries. It is free to explore and extend itself where it sees fit. Love has no enemies, only places where it hasn’t seeped in yet. Transformation always occurs when love has entered. Love doesn’t go where it isn’t welcome. It will always wait until there is an opening, a crack in the foundation.

Principle 2: Love is the Consciousness of the Creator and the Created

The creator of all, the I AM energy of everything only creates with love. Anything that isn’t love yet is unable to create or extend itself. Anything that isn’t love yet can only make temporary things and events that are not eternal.

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January 2, 2021 4:00 pm

Principle 3: Love is our True Nature

It is all that our souls are truly capable of. They are incapable of anything else. All things that are not love do not come from this place, from the heart of the soul. To act from a place of unconditional love is to act from a place of true power. Invulnerability is found in this place, as is God because a soul is an aspect of God almighty, the Creator of all worlds and all galaxies.

Principle 4: This World and all Worlds are our Homes

We belong here. This is where we can test our mettle and discover our true nature and differentiate it from the false narrative that propagates the land. We care about the world and all of its inhabitants. When we treat the world with love, the world gives back to us tenfold. When we show all of the world’s inhabitants care and loving consideration, we give richly to the one Self that occupies all form.

Principle 5: To Identify as Soul, is to See Clearly, with Crystal Vision

We see everything as a work in progress, a construction site of sorts. We are able to discern between love and fear and can bless the love that is there, without judgement for the creative process.

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Sunday, January 3, 2021 4:37 pm

Principle 6: What is not God is Simply not God Yet

Souls of and from the God collective start in seed form and experience great amounts of resistance in the form of fear, for long amounts of time. We honor these seeds by acknowledging that the great Creator of All knows all of the ingredients for producing a seed that germinates, takes root and flowers. We judge not. Who are we to judge God?

Principle 7: A Mature Soul is a Great and Powerful Influencer

The seeds that are growing more and more God energy have their activation accelerated by the mere presence of a mature soul, who can provide the heat, water and soil for a dormant seed or an emerging seedling.

Principle 8: Unseen Forces in the Non-Physical Realm Support Life on Earth

Disembodied souls directly influence life on earth and support all of its inhabitants and life forms, with the ultimate goal always being the promotion of soul growth and full awakening of all souls.

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Monday. January 4, 2021 11:33 am

Principle 9: The Creative Source is in All

Each member of mankind is a part of the creative source of all, God. The humanity aspect is merely a cocoon, a teaching device, a way for love to be expressed through, when it is ready and when circumstances and situations allow it to be.

Principle 10: Free Will Reigns Supreme

All sentient beings have free will to choose between their default operating system, their perceptual operating system, and the one that seeks to take its place. This choosing strengthens the soul of a being, as it learns how to express love when difficulty was chosen, when love and forgiveness wasn’t consciously selected. Love is there anyway, asking for acknowledgement, even in times of darkness.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2021 11:08 am

Principle 11: We are Here for a Reason

Being Human is a creative endeavor. All aspects of the oneness support life on earth in all of its many forms. It is not a finished project until all souls have consumed the natural in-born human operating system. Until then, it is all hands-on deck. After that point, it will be heaven on earth.

Principle 12: Miracles Shorten Suffering

Accepting a miracle is to accept the assistance of your soul, in concert with all souls. This brings a new awareness and a shortened duration of suffering. Miracle acceptance is a beginning of the end of the natural egoic operating system.

Principle 13: Love is the Only Answer

All human problems stem from the widespread identity problem. All problems call for love. All problems then, call for the attention and intervention of soul, an individualized aspect of God.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Principle 14: What is True is Always True

The human narrative is always in flux; therefore it is and never has been true. It has always been in the scope and sequence of the human project that one day, human beings would in fact reflect truth, by allowing their divinity to lead them in all decisions, great and small.

End Time: 11:06 am
Wednesday, January 6, 2021 6:03 pm

Principle 15: Discernment is a Gift from Spirit

The world is a very complex environment. Love is seldom apparent. Knowing where fear is and where it may be hiding is key to blessing the love that is there as well. Denying the presence of fear is to deny the reality of love’s challenge. Fear can cause love to rise to the challenge or wait to see another day. In this way, fear is a helpful reminder to look deeper and find the jewel hiding in plain sight.

Principle 16: Souls are both the Same and Different

Individuality is a gift and conformism is frowned upon. We are both the same and different. We celebrate each other’s differences and know that they are ours as well.

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Thursday, January 7, 2021 10:39 am

Principle 17: The World is Filled with Meaning

The world’s meaning is largely perceptually based and is therefore fragmented. It is not derived from a whole hearted or love based sense of meaning, but it is primarily in potential. An individual soul aspect of God, who has fully matured and awakened in form, is fully able to see the meaning in both the temporary levels of the world, as well as at the eternal soul levels, which are emerging.

Principle 18: Love is a Never-Ending Dialog

Love has an agenda. It seeks expression on a moment to moment basis. It does not seek to destroy fear. It only seeks to shine light on it, accentuating its valueless-ness.

Principle 19: Love is the only Thing that has Value

All roads lead to love, however twisted and bumpy they may be. These roads themselves are valueless in that they delay love’s arrival, but they are welcomed as part of free choice. Humans can get lost on these roads and yet love waits to be discovered. A soul’s love is infinitely patient.

End Time: 11:00 am
Friday, January 8, 2021 1:42 pm

Principle 20: The World is to be Overcome and Transformed

It has no power over mature souls, who simply see it as either a thing of great beauty or a thing of emerging beauty. What seems complicated to most humans is seen in simplicity by those who have tended their gardens and allowed their divinity to provide clear vision.

Principle 21: The World Serves its Purpose

The purpose is to strengthen growing and developing souls, who will not grow and develop without all of the myriad of ways to do so here. Once all souls have mastered the three-dimensional world, it will have an entirely different purpose that is not strictly focused on soul development. It will be a place that celebrates completion, an actual heaven on earth utopia. It will move from being in action to simply being.

Principle 22: The World is a Gift

Everything that is needed to create full bodied creators is provided here. There is nothing that is missing and everything serves its purpose. Love is the only needed ingredient to be infused into all things, all relationships and all situations. Until that time, the world is a gift that keeps on giving.

End Time: 2:04 pm

Principle 23: Form is a Cocoon

We respect all form because we know what activates it and what lies inside, waiting for expression. Form has magnificent potential from love’s viewpoint.

Principle 24: There is Great Purpose and Value in the World

Love seeks to express itself and form is one way of doing that. With each conscious choice of love over fear, love grows. When love grows, soul aspects of God grow.

Principle 25: Souls are Love

Souls are minute aspects of the All of All, slowly growing over incarnations until a rapid growth period during the final incarnation. During this time, souls are very powerful and highly influential.

Principle 26: Souls are Benevolent

They only extend their gifts of joy, health and abundance. They offer loving consideration and practical help when needed.

Principle 27: Acceptance of All

Despite any appearance to the contrary, love is always there, wanting expression. We respect free choice and the ability to not express love.

Principle 28: Love is Patient

It will wait indefinitely, confident that any and all expressions of love are as maximal as they can be.

End Time: 11:44 am
Sunday, January 10, 2021 2:43 pm

Principle 29: The World is not Real Yet

While the world is captive to human thought, it remains illusionary because it primarily reflects fear, the fuel from the human operating system. When enough mature souls topple the default operating system of their bodies, the world will reflect love and will therefore become a three-dimensional representation for it.

Principle 30: The World is Illusionary to Most Humans

The ego sees everything as either vicious or suspicious and this viewpoint taints how humans perceive each other and situations in the world. Mature souls see clearly because they see through true vision, the eyes of love. These individual aspects of God see the world in reality, not in illusion.

Principle 31: The Body is the Temple of the Soul

The body either reflects the attitudes and viewpoints of the ego or the soul. For a defined period of time during the awakening process, it can fluctuate between the two. After awakening, the body reflects the attitudes and viewpoints of the soul, which are always benevolent. Before soul growth even begins, the body is its cocoon.

Principle 32: The Body has a Purpose

The human body shelters the soul seed for as long as is needed, usually many lifetimes over hundreds of years. Once the seed germinates, grows roots and starts to mature, exerting influence over the thoughts and actions of the body, the body then becomes an expression of soul.

End Time: 3:06 pm
Sunday, January 10, 2021 3:07 pm

Principle 33: A Mature Soul is an Example of Grandeur

An ego is an example of grandiosity. Everything egos do or make pales in comparison to what souls can create, which are eternal and never-ending.

Principle 34: Judgement Casts Out but Love Welcomes

If everything that isn’t love yet is accepted as deserving of love, then there will be no more judgement and condemnation, which always casts out and deems unworthy.

Principle 35: Love is Powerful When it Speaks

It always speaks the truth and is never afraid to do so. Many are offended by love, which can be quietly expressed or boldly pronounced. Love does not worry about how it is perceived. Love in its maturity, always has the upper hand.

End Time: 3:22 pm
Monday, January 11, 2021 1:06 pm

Principle 36: The World is a Collective Project

If we had not made the decision to embark on and maintain this project since its inception, there would be no project. There would be no world. The world exists in time and space because we exist. We are creators and the world is our canvas.

Principle 37: The World has Autonomy

If an individual aspect is not on the world stage at any given time, the world still exists. God’s aspects wait to be assigned to the canvas of the world and when they have left their assignments, they are re-assigned as supporting behind the scenes players, not seen, but instrumental in supporting the big picture.

Principle 38: Animals and Plants Remind Us of Our Divinity

They are each magnificent reminders of what love can do, what the Creator of All is capable of, what the creator in each one of us can do when we remember who we are and why we came. Animals and plants are part of divine love too and deserve recognition and respect as such.

End Time: 1:21 pm
Tuesday, January 12, 2021 1:03 pm

Principle 39: It is Better to Give Than to Receive Because Giving is Everything

Sharing the abundance that is yours is paramount to a happy experience here. Share your extra and enjoy the happiness that follows.

Principle 40: Ask What You Can Offer

You always have what is needed, which is a rich offering of blessing. You may also have extra in form to alleviate suffering. What is needed will always be apparent to a light worker.

Principle 41: Travel Lightly Here

It is only your home temporarily. Be a blessing and not a curse, while you are here. Let people see your light wherever you may go.

Principle 42: Be Helpful at All Times

This is why you came, after all. The world needs your joy to be spread around abundantly. Show everyone that life is not about me, myself and I. Life is not about collecting objects to dust and victories to brag about. Life is about service to each other.

End Time: 1:22 pm
Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Principle 43: We Show Care and Consideration for all Beings

Our job is to give love to them and help them to grow past the thinking mind and all limitations, without judging what those may or may not be. Our blessings are free of all judgement.

Principle 44: Our Awareness of Unity is an Acquired State

We consciously welcome our awareness of unity with one and with all and do everything that we can to cultivate this state. We are also well aware that most of humanity is not in a state of unity and oneness with the seen and unseen aspects of God. We accept that unity is a developmental and progressive state, unconditionally. It cannot be imposed on or wished upon. All must choose it.

Principle 45: Do No Harm

We do not harm other sentient beings, either in word or in deed. When we make an error in judgement, we make amends and make whole.

These are the ways of love for now and for all time.

End of chapter

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