Chapter Seven – “A Letter to the Readers”

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021   11:27 am

“So, now you’ve seen where we are headed with all of this. A Journey into the Unknown is now officially finished (in a way). The supportive messages will be ongoing. We hope that many of you will continue to share these and that you will think of Journey as an available resource to those who want to learn more about living a life of love.

With “The Alliance”, we will be moving into brand new territory, asking a wide variety of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds to dedicate themselves to love on a daily basis. With nothing to buy, nothing to join and no dogma to believe in, just their own willingness will help their souls to open up and seek out more information about love and spirituality.

Who better to offer this support and resources than a group of committed mature souls?

“The Alliance” will be initiated by a team of people that is being formed now as I speak. It is our way of bringing non-spiritual, spiritual, non-religious and religious people together to form community, with love being the only common theme. After this is accomplished with the help of a network of support with physical and online resources, as well as physical and non-physical guides, we will see a new and stronger second coming of Christ.

Mark my words.

Thank you each for your continued dedication to living a life of love as a free spirit!

Love, Jesus”

End Time: 11:53 am 
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